References and credits

During compilation of resources of RadixHub the following materials have been used.

  • Coordinates of settlements (for most of the times) have been taken from the Global Gazetteer available on the site: Global gazetteer.
  • For matching historical and current place names I used the 1998 edition of place name identifier by Lelkes: Magyar helységnév-azonosító szótár / ed. by György Lelkes. – 2nd, enhanced ed. – Baja : Talma Könyvkiadó, 1998. – ISBN 963 85683 1 3.
  • For identifying and locating places in the 19th and earlier centuries I have perused the DVD editions of Hungary’s First and Second Military Surveys, published by Arcanum: The First Military Survey, The Second Military Survey.
  • The 1:200,000 military topographic maps based on the 3rd Military Survey proved to be helpful in the location of a couple of places.
  • Árpád E. Varga’s collection Erdély etnikai és felekezeti statisztikája (1850-1992) has a gazetteer that has been useful in identifying several places in Transylvania that were not listed in the 1913 gazetteer.

Further materials that can be helpful in the research of Hungarian place names.

  • Atlas and gazetteer of historic Hungary 1914 – ed. by László Zentai and Pál Kósa, an atlas and collection of information based on the 1913 gazetteer of Hungary.
  • Hungarian Village Finder : Atlas, and gazetteer for the Kingdom of Hungary – its author, Suzanne Somodi Jimenez combined the 1877 and 1913 gazetteers, complete with cross-references. Available either as CD-ROM or download on the website.
  • Genealogical gazetteer of the Kingdom of Hungary – compiled by Jordan Auslander, is a book using the 1877 Dvorzsák gazetteer, complete with cross-references. Available from the publisher: Avotaynu and also on Amazon.